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We are a 501c(3) nonprofit organization that is inspired and led through the initiatives of youth wanting to positively impact the lives of the less fortunate throughout the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area.  Our middle school founder uses the term “less fortunate” for not only the homeless or those in shelters but also those who do not have the means to get what they need.  Tutoring, recreational activities, healthy food choices, health needs, cleaning supplies – those who do not have the fortune to sustain their life.  Our programs are geared to provide life changing activities.  We will also collaborate with others to achieve our goals.  Fourth Meal was founded based on the belief of a 9-year-old, that small actions can allow others to have a better day.  We have furthered this concept and assert that the acts of many can change lives. 



1. Manage the functions of food and clothing procurement and distribution 

2. Develop a volunteer program of assorted ages 

3. To promote self-sufficiency to the less fortunate via education and program(s) implementation. 

4. Promote positive experiences through recreational instruction in visual and expressive arts as well as sports activities and programs 

5. Develop and implement curriculum for nutritional assessments, meal planning, and food sustainment programs

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Fourth Meal Inc., was created by 9 year old Sierra Dillard while volunteering to serve food to the homeless.   She researched information on homelessness and created her vision through this letter.

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