Board Members

President, Sierra Dillard

Sierra (aka "Cee Cee") is a middle school student within the DC Metro area.  At school, her new favorite learning activity is coding. She also likes science and Mandarin Chinese.  In her spare time Cee Cee enjoys playing soccer, watching movies, spending time with family and friends.  

the concept of Fourth Meal was inspired by actions of Cee Cee - who wanted to spend time helping others and provide meals to those who were hungry.

Vice President, Allease Dillard

Allease is the proud mother of Sierra.  Allease is responsible for seeing Sierra's vision to fruition.  She manages the operations, builds relationships  and partnerships as well as coordinates responsibilities for volunteers. 

Secretary, Barbara Oloniyo

Barbara is responsible for providing administrative support to Fourth Meal, Inc.  She also is an engaged volunteer committed to Fourth Meal events and programs. 

Treasurer, Laquia Speight

Laquia is a long time federal employee that is familiar with serving her community.  She is an advocate for healthy eating active living and love to train at least 4 days a week in the gym.

Board Member, Annice