The Beginning

Initial Proposal To Local Businesses

Hello, My Name is Sierra but those who know me call me Cee Cee.  I am a fourth grade student attending  school in Washington DC.  I would like to start a program called the Act of Kindness that Ends Hunger.

The program would encourage people in our community and across the world to help our families/people who can't afford to eat.  I would go to many food places and purchase a separate meal/item from mine.  I would ask to write my name on a poster note with the price of the meal or item, so it can be put on the wall dedicated to the act of kindness (AOK).  That way when someone who is hungry and can't afford to eat, You have an item or meal already paid for them.  Ask every customer if they would like to participate, by paying for an extra meal or an inexpensive item on the menu.  to decrease the hunger rate for families/people who can't afford to eat.  Help them understand the ratio of the nation that die from hunger each day.  Make them feel the need of their help.

I know there are many families/people struggling to get by each day, but every penny counts.  I do not come from a wealthy or rich family but I see the energy and love my parents put in, just to put a smile on someone face.  Now that love has become part of me.  When I see someone on the street in need, I give whatever I have to offer, whether it's food, money, clothes or just a simple word of encouragement.  Many people think living poor is a choice.  I have to say sometimes its not.  The world is cover with mental illness, lack of education, lack of funding, resources and lack of treatment.  According to the United Nations world food program, there are about 21,000 people die of hunger every day.  This is one person every four seconds, sadly it's mostly children that suffer from the hunger death.  Yet there are plenty of food in the world for everyone.  The problem is that hungry people are trapped in severe poverty.  They lack the money to buy enough food to nourish themselves.  Being constantly malnourish, they become weaker and often sick.  This make them increasingly less able to work.  Which make them even poorer and hungrier. This downward spiral often  continues until death for them and their families.  So, I ask myself.  How can I help?

Well, I can start by making  changes one step at a time.  Which is, making food available for everyone across the nation.  It starts with us, by giving what you can.  Think about if you or a family member was in this situation.  You once was rich or stable,  but now you have to depend on the government or the people in your community to help out.

What would you do if you have children that could not eat every day  that suffer from an illness or death because of this.  What would you do?  How would you feel?  Help me to help our nation.  We are what makes this world a place.  Start small but think big.