Meal Assistance

With the help of volunteers, Fourth Meal donates a weekly meal to those living in shelters. We additionally collaborate with other nonprofit organizations to support clothing and food drives. In the near future, we will provide short-term assistance with providing meals to those transitioning to permanent housing. Our founder often drives through the DC Metro area and witnesses the many who beg for food, it is her hope that with the donations that are provided she can offer at least one person a meal a day.

74% of Marylands homelessness reside in the Central Region of Maryland with a higher concentration in Baltimore City. 

Urban Farming

Fourth Meal, Inc believes that the hunger battle does not end with meals and food donation. The community needs to be educated regarding making the importance of making healthy food choices. The cost of fresh fruit and vegetables confines the ability of those with limited resource. Fourth Meal, Inc is inspired and will collaborate with external organizations to introduce farming programs in areas of low incoming housing and shelters. Additionally, we will partner with local community centers with gardening plots to train children as well as adults how to grow their own fruits and vegetables. Along with growing their own food, nutritional training and education will be provided as well as cooking classes.

Sports Outreach

Our name, Fourth Meal, was originally coined with the idea that most of us who are lucky, generally have three meals a day but what would you do if you had a fourth. We would like to think that most would give it away. However, it doesn’t just have to pertain to a meal. We are looking to serve the needs of the community, of individuals and families, especially the youth. It is our belief that sports and recreation can play a positive role in shaping the lives of children. Children that stem from families with financial challenges are being priced out of organized sports. 70% of children who played a team sport in 2015 came from a family with average income of $100,000. Imagine what the percentage of children play sports to those families making less than $25,000 annually. Fourth Meal, Inc. wants to make a difference! We’re partnering with clubs, community centers, coaches and parents to bring sports to low income families. Children who participate in recreation and sports are more likely to have better grades and stay in school. Staying active also promotes a healthier lifestyle and can build self-esteem and social skills as well as promote teamwork 

70% of children who played a team sport in 2015 came from a family with average income of $100,000.  For those families making less than $25,000 that number is cut in half.

Limitless Giving

Our programs are geared to assist with achieving the goals that we set forth. However, we are aware the issues that impoverished individuals and families face daily. Programs do not fix the many distinct problems. Fourth Meal, Inc is too small to deal with all the issues but it is our plan to grow and develop a network of people that can provide assistance, sponsorship, service or act as a resource in another capacity. If you have three meals and can spare a fourth? Join us today or donate.